• one third of the troyler fandom : wow i just LOVE the FRIENDship between tyler and troye wow they are my BROTP hah get it cause they are BROS u know? totally platonic !!!1!!g i wish i had a FRIENDSHIP like theirs bc FRIENDS are so IMPORTANT and FRIENDLY haha wow!!!!! just being clear, they DO NOT make out!!!1111
  • one third of the troyler fandom: did u see that miniscule eyebrow lift when tyler said spaghetti on minute 3 second 34 of [random youtuber]'s latest vlog? he's imitating troye and telling us that troyler is, in fact, REAL!!! haha we are the fbi
  • one third of the troyler fandom: pls fuck eachother

Eleanor J Calder’s following fucking confuse me

so some dude said Eleanor unfollowed Louis and the boys (which , now I can say, is sadly false) and I wanted to make sure it was true before I freak out completely. I was checking Eleanor’s follows and I found out that Louis Tomlinson’s frappy-beard fucking follows a larry account. She fucking ships it, man. hahaha image